North-West Bath – 8.11.15

November 9, 2015 at 8:04 am

From the centre of Bath out to the Cotswolds countryside and back again.

This was very much a Town and Country walk with plenty of hills thrown in for good measure. The walk started from Victoria Park and went up through the north side of the city via St James Square and Lansdown Crescent. A brief stop at St Stephen’s Millenium Green and allotments before proceeding through Fairfield Park and into the parish of Charlcombe. A rest in the parish church grounds before returning via Primrose Hill and the Cotswold Way to the Royal Crescent. Sadly it was somewhat misty but the views across the city still inspired.

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Walkmeter Map

Millenium Green

Bath’s Millenium Green is a magical hideaway with herb gardens, sculptures and peaceful seating – you can see an aerial video made by Bath resident Paul Fernihough here



Much of this walk is in Charlcombe Parish and on the Cotswold Way – you can start and end the walk at the magnificent Royal Crescent


Fading Autumn Colours


Damp and misty November


North-West Bath including the RUH

It is very easy to get out to the countryside from Bath on foot – one great place for a picnic (although maybe not in November) is Primrose Hill Community Woodland 


Primrose Hill