Kilmersdon – 20.1.19

January 24, 2019 at 9:24 am

This was a lovely walk with a good mix of landscape starting from Kilmersdon and quickly joining Colliers Way which still has a surprising amount of the old railway track. Much of the trackside is lined with apple trees and legend has it that these were grown when passengers on the trains threw their apple cores out of the window. The walk then headed for the grounds of Ammerdown House with its impressive column – this originally had a viewing space at the top. This is no longer accessible but the views would have been spectacular if you could manage the climb. After a brief lunch stop to take in the views it was back to Kilmersdon.

Walkmeter Map

It didn’t rain today but rain never seemed far away.

A handsome buzzard

Ammerdown Column – read more about it and see an engraving of the old viewing tower here.

Neat topiary engulfing a grave in Kilmersdon Church graveyard

Fields of unharvested corn

An inventive use of discarded toilets in a vegetable patch.

Artwork by local schools displayed under the old railway bridges – read more about the Colliers Way here.

misty views through the apple trees alongside the cycle path (which used to be the railway)

The railways used to be edged by many varieties of apple tree sprouted from the apple cores thrown out of the train windows by picnicking travellers years ago.

Local artists and schools have planted new apple trees along the cycle path and boulders are engraved with the different varieties.

gnarly winter trees