Box – 26.2.17

February 27, 2017 at 6:17 pm

Box Re-visited

If you want to see this walk in a different light have a look at the pictures from last July when we walked it previously.

This walk was a repeat of last July’s except for the weather and there were no wild flowers in the meadow. That was more than compensated for by the displays of spring flowers – especially snowdrops which seemed to be everywhere. The rain kindly held off until the walk was finished although it was clearly on its way. This really is a delightful walk with good views and interesting buildings along the way.



An approximately 5 mile walk starting and ending at Selwyn Hall car park in Box

Walkmeter Map

Please note that if you click on the Walkmeter link above it’s a bit misleading as I forgot to turn the tracker off on the drive home…oops!  The walk is fairly easy to follow though as it’s mostly on public footpaths.


An amazing display of snowdrops in a garden


The first spring daffodils


A glimpse of a cute thatched cottage, purported to be featured on M&S Christmas biscuit tins


ominous clouds carrying rain from the west


the story goes that the man buried here requested the unusually shaped tombstone to prevent his widow dancing on his grave!


A familiar west-country brook – there was no shortage of water on this walk


dramatic early spring colour


Looks like a great place to sit and sip a gin and tonic we decided


The bare trees show off their weirdly twisting branches