Castle Combe – 2.8.15

August 2, 2015 at 4:09 pm

Castle Combe

At last a proper summer day with no raincoats, windcheaters etc! The walk started from the car park on the edge of Castle Combe and after successfully getting through the golf course without being hit the first point of interest was Lugbury Long Barrow. All that really remains are the entrance (or exit) stones. Then proceeded south with views of Nettleton and the rolling Gloucester/ Wiltshire hills in the distance and fields of wild flowers closer to hand. The most excitement was when a herd of frisky cows couldn’t decide what they wanted to do – fortunately they decided against a full charge and headed for the woods. The return route was through the picturesque village of Castle Combe – which still has functioning public toilets!

castle combe

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Walkmeter Map

Castle Combe – ‘Prettiest Village in England’ apparently


The theme of today’s walk was SUNSHINE


golden sunshine and golden corn

The animal highlight of today’s walk was some scaredy cat cows – they made a show of thinking about stampeding us and then decided it wasn’t worth it and ran away to hide in the trees




Wild flowers were in abundance everywhere


and it wouldn’t be a Wiltshire walk without a big stone 2.8-pic3