Browne’s Folly – 5.7.20

July 7, 2020 at 12:37 pm
Walkmeter Map

This is one of our most familiar walks. It’s become a tradition to lead this route as the first one of the year with Bath Ramblers (you can see details in previous posts here, here and here. I’m pretty sure we did it in 2019 too but strangely there’s no write-up.) We are used to seeing it bare and chilly so it had quite a different feel overgrown with July foliage. The path through the nature reserve was clear though and the tracks were not too muddy considering the recent rains.

Sadly there were no goats around this time – unless they were hiding in the summer bushes.
The view of the trees on Freezinghill Lane is completely obscured in the summer.
Old carvings in the tower wall
This is our usual lunch stop
The Cotswold Wardens do a great job keeping our walls and stiles in good order
A spooky old tree, very fitting for Sally in the Woods
summer trees

The Ramblers are still not organising group walks in this area but keep an eye on the website and hopefully things should get going again soon!