Bradford-on-Avon Walking Wheel (spokes 7 and 8) – 15.7.20

July 21, 2020 at 8:43 am

Exploring the wheel again ..

Although we are still not organising group walks in this area it’s a good time to investigate potential new routes. Sometimes these recces don’t go quite to plan. We intended to walk up spoke 8, cut across using a footpath on the OS map then travel back via spoke 7. We went wrong somewhere around mile 3.5 so our intended circular walk ended up as a squiggly figure of 8. Nevertheless it was a very pleasant trip out.
Walkmeter Map
This was a very flat walk through a lot of wheat fields
Footpaths are sometimes difficult to pick out from tractor tracks
And these guys were no help!
Even though this area is heavily wooded someone is planting lots of new trees.
We saw plenty of birds from tiny skylarks to big hawks. This seems like a flock of starlings searching for grubs in the sheep field.
This tree is quite strange. From a distance it seems dead but when you get close the bushy green bits are not another plant but the tree regrowing from the dead branches.
Standing still in these clover meadows you could hear that they are heaving with all kinds of buzzing insects.